Flow Collective Membership

I am wondering if I am ready for the Flow Collective. I have sadly had some of my old numbing emotions/activities (eating disorder, insomnia etc) pop up after striving to join in and engage with the content. The content is obviously fabulous and works amazingly for many people, I am just concerned I’m not quite strong enough to cope with, for example module 4 and 5 of Cycle Tracking, without relapsing a little into anxious responses… or something like that?! I talked with my therapist and she wondered if some childhood trauma (which was pretty intense) might need to be worked through more in order to gain what I am hoping for from coaching. I also worry that what happened left their marks too deep and I do want to be ready at some point … but what if I am never ready? I have self sabotaged in the past when I strove to make my thought patterns easier for myself. I wonder if this is a coherent question enough?! Is this course safe for me to engage with if I continue with it, have others in my position found it beneficial to stick around longer or can these behaviours get worse?




Welcome. You know yourself best. You get to decide where you put your time and energy. What would be different if you trusted yourself to know what you need and you didn’t make your choices mean anything about you?
The membership is full of tools that you get to choose from like a buffet. If there are parts that don’t sit well, you don’t have to use them. Notice your thought “I am wondering if I am ready for the Flow Collective.” Here are a few questions for you to ponder, if it feels safe to do so. We recommend doing this with pen and paper, compassion and curiosity.
How would you know you are ready?
Is being ready a feeling or a thought?
What are the benefits of starting before you are ready?
What are the benefits of waiting and working on your other issues?
What if all you needed to get from TFC was one gem that would change the way you see yourself and/or your life?
See what you find. Please bring back any questions or models you’d like more coaching on.